Retyping halted

The retyping of Dantes Divine Comedy was halted in January 2010.

Retyping Dante at TU Delft Library

From September 14th to December 14th Retyping Dante will be on display at the TU Delft Library. The Library is located at:

Prometheusplein 1
2628 ZC Delft
+31 (0)15 27 85678

See Paradiso !

A short video clip of the installation currently on display at the Catharijneconvent in Utrecht is available online. For all those people who curious to see where their letters are arriving.

First Canto Retyped !

With the letter A arriving on the 27th of May at 14:07:26 we completed the first Canto of the Divine Comedy.

Dante has just met Virgilius and together they are starting their decent into Inferno. Although there is still a long journey ahead, the first hurdle has been taken.

We would like to thank everybody who made this possible, and hope you'll continue to send your letters. We will be needing them.

Inferno Canto 1

Opening Retyping Dante May 15th

opening_150509.jpg At 18:00 CET Friday May 15th, Guus van den Hout officially opened the gates of Paradiso during the opening of “Masterly Manuscripts. The Middle Ages in gold and ink” at Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The first sentences of Canto I were being typed instantly. See the progress page to see current progress.

LLiNK Radio interview

On May 18th 2009 Retyping Dante will be discussed by LLiNK on the Dutch public Radio between 19:00 and 20:00

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